How to create trading discipline?

on Thursday, January 8, 2015
1st find a way which works for u, any way ................any way at all , just it should work for u

2ndly , go after this way like crazy , test it with every possible set of data,there is not a great level of difference between stock, futures and forex, as a technical trader, u r trading price ............. so ur perspective should be same

3rdly note down the out come, be totally honest with urself and note it down ,see out of 100 trades, how many times u gain and how much u gain, and how many time u lose and how much u lost?

4. if the difference is positive ................. u r in right way bro/sis  now u have provided urself an "edge" , use ur edge and let the world go to hell , never listen to any one  

since u know on the long run, u have ur edge, so when eventually u face ur loss making days here and there, keep telling urself " i hv an edge and in the long run i am going to win " this is will give enough confidence to keep going

personally when i face loss, i bring down my position size, so when i have my bad days, mostly i am on my least volumes. many years after this practice, i found in Tonny Stark bhai's writing that legendary trader paul tudor jones also advocated such a "bad time least volume approach". needless to say, his writing abt P.T. Jones approach gave me more confidence and i assumed i am doing right thing and hence i shared this to u guys 


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