Traders Mindset

on Thursday, December 18, 2014
No trader wins on every trade... The best traders in the world only have a 50%-80% success rate

Trying to get rich quick requires so much risk, that the probabilities of ending up poor is far greater than your chances of becoming rich

Consistent 15% – 20% annual returns are what world class traders and portfolio managers make
Some of the best traders’ best years were 50% – 100% annual returns, in specific market conditions, that were conducive to their strategy

Market conditions will have a huge impact on your returns each year, regardless of how you trade

The higher returns you aim for, the more risk will be required, and the larger draw down you will have getting those returns

If you risk 5% to 10% of your trading capital on every trade, your risk of ruin is 100% in the short to long term... If you think that the above percentages are just too small, then it is very likely that your trading account is too small to make those percentages meaningful

To trade for a living, you likely need a multiple six figure account and a minimum of one years worth of living expenses to avoid the unrealistic expectations of small returns and the accompanying stress

Trading is a profession like any other and requires the same level of discipline and dedication to be successful

All your profits comes from other trader’s losses. You must beat other traders to be profitable

Trading is the hardest easy money you will ever make


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